How it Works

Sharing Your Records

Radiology Images | Radiology Reports
Pathology Slides | EKG and EMG strips
Ophthalmology Images | Dental Images
Lab Results | Immunization Records
Medication Records | Government ID’s

Always be able to share your records with anyone who needs them. Keep them safe and easily accessible.

Managing Your Records

Control who can access your Records. Share your records right from your e-mail or directly deliver them to one of our partners or providers. Provide access and remove access to whoever you want, when you want.

Viewing Your Records

Our image viewer is 100% web based. Using any modern Web Browser you can utilize our FDA Approved diagnostic CloudViewer. And it works on Mobile too!

You Are In Control

All your data, at your fingertips.

Family Memebers

Share your Records with your family.


Share your Records with your Doctors.


Share your Records with a Hospital.


Share your records with your attorney.


Share with your Insurance Provider

Get your Records

Receive your Records from the Hospital.

Physician to Patient

Receive your Records from your Physician

Physician to Insurance

Physicians can send to your Insurance

Physician to Physician

Physicians can send to other Physicians

"The ability to share our records with our Family Physician, Attorney & Insurance Provider is a game changer"

– MaryAnn