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Partnership allows for patients upload their images and send them directly to your facility.

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Use Case Scenarios

Dental Records

Do you find that you have no secure method to share or receive exams from other Dentists?

Sports Injuries

Working with sports injuries like sprains, breaks, dislocations or lacerations can be challenging and frustrating. In some events, immediate consultation with a board certified specialists is a must.


When time is a precious asset. All professional medical consults, greatly improved the chances of a speedy treatment and a speedy recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Patient Image Exchange free?

Yes, it is free to all individuals uploading data to the Patient Image Exchange Server for sharing.

How long is my Data stored?

All information is permanently deleted after 30 days.

Can I send my images to anyone?

You can send the link to your study to anyone using e-mail, text, or any other method of communication.

Sharing with my Provider?

If your provider is a partner with Patient Image Exchange you can select them from the drop down menu during the upload process. Otherwise you can share your images with them using their preferred method of communication, email, text, etc.

I shared images with the wrong person?

No one can access records stored in Patient Image Exchange without knowing the date of birth provided for the images during the upload process. If you need support please contact us us using the Support Form. 

How many files can I upload?

There is no restriction to the number of files that can be uploaded. You can upload multiple documents at once. Each upload will generate a separate secure link to the uploaded documents. Two uploads (multiple documents within each upload) will create two secure links.

Who can use Patient Image Exchange?

Patient Image Exchange can be used pretty much anyone; Personal patient use, of course, Doctors offices, Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Education facilities, Attorneys, Private non-healthcare corporations, Travel agencies, Work comp service providers, Dental service providers, Ophthalmology service providers, Insurance companies, and other payers. Almost any use case is relevant.

How do I view my records?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link to your uploaded information.

What can I upload?

You can upload any type of radiology exam or report, lab results, cardiology strips, dental images, nurse’s notes, insurance cards, immunization records, UltraSound images of your new baby, any file stored as DICOM, PDF, or JPG.

Please see our Terms of Use for more Information. 

How do I know if my hospital is a Partner?

All partners of the Patient Image Exchange are listed within the drop-down list in the uploader.

Also, please reference our Partner List for more information. 

Can I store my data Permanently?

That option is not currently available. We are looking to offer this service in the near future.

What is required to upload?

The Patient Image Exchange uploader tool requires the following: patient last name, patient first name, description of the file (X-RAY, MRI, LAB Result, etc.) and the date of birth of the patient being uploaded. 

Is my data safe & secure?

Your data is securely encrypted when uploading and sharing? Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. 

Can I upload my data without sharing it with anyone?

Yes, when uploading the data to the Patient Image Exchange please select the following from the drop-down list “Store My Data (Patient Image Exchange)” This will only store your data on the Server and will not share it with anyone.